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Employment contract notice Services

1. Employer’s status

for legal entities - the state registration number of the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, for branches or representative offices of foreign legal entities -

number of the document confirming the fact of accreditation of a branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity, for self-employed entrepreneurs - state registration
record number in the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs, for private notaries - the license number for the right to notarial activity, for an individual - the name of the identity document, its series and number, by whom and when issued)

number of the registration certificate in the tax authority, personal tax reference number (if in place), code of reason for registration (if in place)
(location (for an individual - the address of the actual place of residence) of the employer):

(postal code, subject of the Russian Federation, district, city, settlement, street, house, apartment / office):

2. Information about a foreign citizen (stateless person) with whom the employer has concluded an employment contract or a civil contract for the work performance / services provision:
3. Information on a work permit or patent, based on which a foreign citizen (stateless person) carries out labor activities (not filled out in the case of employment without a work permit or patent, as well as in the case of the conclusion of an employment contract or a civil la contract for employment for a foreign citizen (stateless person) involved in labor activities as a highly qualified specialist in accordance with Article 13.2 of the Federal Law of July 25, 2002 No. 115-FZ "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation"):
3.3. Labor activity is carried out by a foreign citizen (stateless person)