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Place of residence apartment education visit Education

Place of residence apartment education visit

In order to apply for migration registration at the point of residence, you should provide your principle tenant (i.e. landlord, a person permanently registered at this address) with a copy of your passport including all pages that contain information about you and (or) have border crossing notes. In order to simplify the procedure of legalization and information completeness, it is likely to provide a migration card copy. In case of period of residence extension, please provide your landlord with migration card original to put the appropriate mark. If you have a properly filled out application for extending your period of stay for a study period from an educational institution (with state accreditation) where you are studying full-time or part-time, you need to provide this document with a copy of an order for your admission to the landlord. In order to extend your stay, these documents must be submitted no later than 20 days before the end of your stay.

Your landlord is OBLIGED to make official notification (registration) in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Multiservice Center, the Russian Post within 7 WORKING DAY and RETURN the tear-off part with a corresponding mark to you. 

Federal law # 109 - FZ dd 18 on July 2006, "About Migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation"
article 20, article 21, article 22

Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs # 514 dd 30.07.2019

Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs # 933 dd 18.12.2017

For the next step of legalization in Russia please fill in migration registration notice form. After filling in, downloading, printing (A4 form pages 1 and 2 or two-sided printing), we will advise you the addresses of the authorized bodies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Multiservice Center, the Russian Post) where the landlord should provide your documents copies as well as his/her passport and documents confirming a right to use a point of residence (agreement, certificate of ownership or other document).