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Employment For foreign citizens of visa countries

Purpose of visit - Employment

The maximum period of stay in RUSSIA is up to 3 months based on issued ordinary work (P) visa. But in case the inviting party (the person who issued the invitation for your entry to RUSSIA) has a permit for to involve and employ foreign workers, you can get a work permit for the legal employment with the subsequent issuance of a multiple work (P) visa for the term of a signed labor agreement, but not more than 1 year for each subsequent visa. In case the employer's request to involve you as a highly qualified specialist is satisfied, you can apply for a work permit for the legal employment with the subsequent issuance of a multiple work (P) visa for the period of concluded labor contract, but not more than 3 years for each subsequent extension from the date of entry to RUSSIA. Documents for the extension or renewal of a valid visa are submitted to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the place of migration registration (registration) at the place of stay (residence) no later than 20 working days before its expiration date. At the end of the visa validity period without the possibility of its extension (renewal), you need to leave the territory of RUSSIA, otherwise you will be expelled (deported) and forbidden to enter Russia for 5 years.

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Documents for a work patent obtaining can be submitted only after legally performed migration notification (registration) submission at the place of actual residence. Therefore, upon arrival to the place of residence, specifically:

Apartment (private house)

Hotel, hostel, dormitory, pension, holiday center, rest house, children's health camp, tourist base, camping, medical or social organization

The place of work where you will stay (accommodation unit, trailer)